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Permanent deletion of files, folders and complete data storage media

PCSUITE SHREDDER PRO is the professional solution that reliably destroyes data in accordance with international standards. Not only wipes the data from complete data storage media and partitions, but even individual files and folders can be reliably and permanently wiped. It overwrites the data several times to meet recognized standards with usage of special algorithms like DoD, Schneier, VSITR and Gutmann. It wipes sensitive data quickly and reliably in accordance with international security standards. State-of-the-art deletion procedures guarantee that your data is wiped completely. This means that the data can’t be restored even in the laboratory or by data recovery professionals.

Delete all your personal data from the data storage media using PCSUITE SHREDDER PRO before you sell them. This makes you sure that the new owner has no chance of restoring your data.


  • Predefined deletion profiles
  • Permanent deletion of the entire computer including the system partition
  • USB sticks, diskettes and CD-Rs boot media creation with possibility to wipe entire system partitions from there
  • Multicore processors support – fully utilization of computer’s capacity speeding up whole deletion process
  • Detailed reports – providing evidence showing which data was permanently removed using which deletion method. This can be important for administrators. These reports can be anonymized to for instance hide filenames, to ensure compliance with data protection.
  • Signed deletion protocols – sometimes data deletion process needs to be logged. For this purpose and to prevent any falsification of the log files, they are digitally signed.

Advantages and benefits of PCSUITE SHREDDER PRO

  • Permanent deletion of files and folders, complete data storage media, partitions and files from the recycle bin
  • Permanent overwriting of free storage space
  • Multiple deletion methods like simple overwriting, VSITR, DoD 4220.22-M E, Bruce Schneier or Gutmann
  • Definition of your own deletion methods
  • Signed deletion protocol as evidence and documentation for the deletion procedures throughout the company
  • Automatic integration into Windows Explorer popup menu
  • Easy use and control through wizard