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Professional hard drive diagnostics and protection against data loss

Do you really know what is the state of your hard drive and the data stored on it? PCSUITE INSPECTOR PRO knows it and keeps you regularly informed about the state and performance of your data storage media. That’s even more than is required for security purposes. It monitors your hard drives’ operational readiness, detects existing or possible hardware defects and performance restrictions and thus prevents your data loss. It has also integrated remote control which lets you monitor your computer’s hard drives from another PC remotely.


  • Analyzes the S.M.A.R.T. status information for hard drives
  • Indication of all relevant parameters like temperature, write/read errors, transmission speed, operational life and more
  • Well arranged overview with color highlighted headings
  • Customizable alarm and warning functions using sounds, email alerts, etc.
  • Huge database containing information about host of data storage media
  • Analysis functions determining hard drive’s state based on a large number of reference drives
  • Sound signalization regarding the hard drive’s current state
  • Remore access to hard drive’s data via the internet

Advantages and benefits of PCSUITE INSPECTOR PRO

  • Early warning system that informs you about your hard drive’s health and state
  • Remote access of your hard drive’s information
  • Early possible warning of read errors and temperature rise of your hard drive
  • Extends your hard drive’s life and operational time