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Speed Up Your PC

PCSUITE BOOSTER PRO analyses your operating system and detects possible areas of improvement and sets your system for ideal conditions for individually selectable programs. Your PC automatically adapts to a variety of applications and offers optimum flexibility. This is possible due to the Windows default settings which are very general so as to meet the needs of most of the users, but leaves less space for customized and specific optimizations of the system. As a result of this settings many services and programs are loaded even if they are not required at the moment, if at all. This way a lot of system resources are wasted and system doesn’t have necessary power to run other applications such as games or specialized software. PCSUITE BOOSTER PRO removes services and programs that are not required at the moment or for some particular purpose from the system memory and enables desired applications to run with the ideal settings with the maximum performance capacity available. Also you can very easily reset the system settings to the original status if needed.


  • Six different profiles can be set up, e.g. for gaming or graphic work
  • Automatic booster mode providing better performance for running applications
  • Very attractive and modern user interface
  • Expert tune mode available with detailed settings
  • Suitable for all Windows operating systems
  • Ideal for older computers and notebooks
  • System performance boost for more free memory and processing power

Benefits and Pros of PCSUITE BOOSTER PRO

  • Immediate effect on performance
  • Ideal for games and high-performance applications
  • Easy to use without any deeper knowledge of Windows system
  • Extra power with a single click
  • Easy restore of default system settings
  • Available shortcuts for applications