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The Smart Way to Clean Up and Customize Your Windows

A lot of time is being spent on the computers and surfing on the Internet everyday. In your daily computing, your computer should cater to your every need from start to finish. More importantly, you should feel absolutely comfortable, safe, and secure on your own Desktop. Designed to help you gain maximum performance of your Windows, WinSettings 8.1 is here, now, and better than ever. It quietly sits in the corner of your screen at your command and helps you whenever you need it.

Stop Spyware from Getting Started

Too often Spyware and other Malware sneak into our computers and cause havoc. All Spyware programs put themselves in Windows Startup to be automatically loaded at Startup. Once they are running, they won’t let any program to remove them. In addition, they also slow down Windows Startup. WinSettings lets you remove them from Windows Startup list as well as terminating them even when they are actively running so you can delete them from your computer.

Lock up Settings to Improve Security

WinSettings not only lets you search and delete cookies by search words, it also offers secure delete so private files can not be undeleted. This new release lets you control what changes are allowed in Windows and Internet Explorer settings. WinSettings can prevent your Internet Security and Privacy settings from being changed without your knowledge by others using your computer, or you may hide all of Internet Options menu.

Maintain and Repair Your Windows

WinSettings is a powerful Windows utility that optimizes your PC’s performance through regular maintenance and repair, and tune up your Windows settings for faster Internet connection. It offers 29 options to automate the cleaning processes so your computer can be guaranteed free of unwanted tracks and junk. It lets you identify and manage programs launched at Windows Startup so you can speed it up. It also enables you to delete in-use files and folders, stop auto launched programs, repair file association.

Customization and Capture Screens

You will have the power to customize Windows, such as Shell Icons, e.g. the Recycle Bin icon, play Background Music in a variety of formats including MP3. This release added functions that enable you to change computer name, logon screen, IE title, and many more. In addition, its Screen Capture feature offers you 16 ways to capture all or part of the screen or just the application contents. WinSettings offers you so many very useful and essential functions in one compact program.